Femoral & Sciatic flossing

Femoral and sciatic flossing according to McGill

If you are a fitness professional but just left prison after 20 years of solitary confinement, lets brake the news: Currently, the Professor Stuart McGill is perhaps one of the best well known spine bio-mechanics specialists in the planet.

Even when there is not hip flexion/extension present, the femoral nerve flossing shown below requires a horizontal setting to facilitate optimal recruitment of the anterior and posterior chains of the body. So, in the first video, McGill demonstrate how, using the gravity as resistance provides enough challenge to facilitate the femoral-nerve flossing, while extending both thoracic and cervical segments of the spine plus simultaneous and unilateral knee flexion.

The second video resumes how the "flossing technique" might help to facilitate the gradual release of the sciatic nerve. Please, keep in mind that nothing replaces professional medical treatment but, hey, if this humble post can help at least one person to create awareness about possible solutions to get rid off of sciatic pain and the potential impingements associated with it.


Ah, don't forget to check the third and last video. In it, McGill explains some fundamental facts & fallacies about spine mechanics and the relevance of Hip Hinge in human movement.


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