Thoughts about killing Age Myths

A few weeks ago somebody told me that, by the time my daughters start going to school, I will become in the oldest dad in the Parents meetings. Touché! I can't control that. However, i'll make sure I won't be bloke with the saggiest guts in those meetings. 

When i started training regularly as an eighteen year old, i did it mostly as an individual alternative away from football and enhance my self-esteem. "Wisdom comes with age", they say. Today my main motivation are my daughters Valentina and her little sister who is still cooking in mummy's oven. I wanna be as healthy as I possibly can because a good longevity will determinate my capacity to play and cop with their endless energy levels as they grow up. 

I intent to be there wherever they need me. In order to do so, I need to be fit, for God sake. I don't want to be regretting anything or thinking about a hundred "what if's"

This morning I told my wifey, "I wanna get married again to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. It would be cool to wait for her in the altar, while holding our daughters hands, i seeing your dad walking you in the aisle." Priceless and cute, i thought. Then "Plop!" My wifey bursted my bubble saying "I hope we can fit in our wedding gear"... I just responded, "What do you talking about? Of course, we will. I don't buy that bs about getting older... We can stay fit. Blaming the age is just an excuse. It's a matter of attitude..."

When I thought I truly sending across my message in the form of the most gentile of sprays, she was already busy helping our little Angel to have her Sunday's brekkie. Jodie didn't even roll her eyes. I got her point. She knows what I stand for.

The same thing applies when my dear clients come to my Studio with self-pity stories about not being able to do things that they used to, or mot being young enough to play sports, or being targets of ostracism (living in the past). However, in doesn't take them more than one or two sessions to understand that i don't buy that garbage. I believe we all are capable to move better than we think. 

Helen Hip Thrust.png
Tom Lefkovic.jpg

In that order, I try my best in every session to modify exercises in equipment according to their needs and keeping realising about the goals they want achieve. Based on that, we tailor each program but keeping several points in mind: All my clients squat? You bet. How about deadlifts? Of course, we do. How about pull ups, rows, presses, planks, lunges, hip thrusts, step ups? Well, unless they are booked for surgery or have an unusual medical contraindication, we make sure we enhance movement patterns, build endurance, introduce external resistance, become stronger and, ultimately, faster. In that order.

Anyway, in around 10 months from now I'll be turning 50. It won't be a party a fireworks, for sure. My way to celebrate will be becoming as fit as I possibly can for my 3 girls. So , it's I matter of attitude and consistency. 

I'll walk my talk, I can promise you that!

Thanks for reading.