Early Bird Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions are not more than procrastination "strategies" in disguise. According to statistics -by the end of the second week of the every year- most of the well intended purposes. Are some of the reasons lack of support, unrealistic expectations or poor methodology? 

Early Brid resolution bloke.jpg

While getting in shape is one of the most popular "NY's resolutions", most people hire Personal Trainers without knowing exactly what they want and, more critically, what they need. However, its not just a goal setting issue. 

Contemplating only the trigger (generally "cosmetic" or a "quick fix" for some impingement) hides the main issue: Failing to embrace health and fitness as a genuine Priority in Life rather than a trend. Otherwise, how come Health Clubs make their main revenue from thousands of members who pain memberships but never show up for training? Their main venue are not the regular gym goers or the PT contractors but the procrastinators!

How come many see a $400 weekly instalment to pay a sports car is "more important" than investing in your precious body by hiring a proficient Coach able to help us to achieve real and consistent results? How come we keep promising to ourselves becoming "a new me", "I'll start next Monday" or "1st of January?"

Your body needs you today! Waiting for what? Getting intoxicated or overindulging with crappy synthetic food and/or alcohol over Xmas? The human body it's not like a bank account where you can spend your savings the next day. Lack of exercise does the same to you as lack of sleep or poor nutrition: You can't make it even tomorrow. Lets stop sabotaging and become a better you. It's not about becoming a advocate of Holistic lifestyle. It's about investing in what those who truly love you expect: Your own wellbeing. 

Start today!

Thanks for reading.