The best Gluteus exercises that you might be missing

These might be the MOST VALUABLE GLUTEUS EXERCISES that you are missing!!!

Firstly, I need to clarify that the title is not misleading at all, as recruting the gluteal musculature -optimally- is almost an impossible goal without working in theelasticity of your hip flexors.

Dynamic Stretch is the more efficient way to prepare or warm up for your strengthening training sessions. Instead of spending 20 or 30 seconds holding a given pose, the dynamic stretch -as its name implies- includes movement, where natural patterns of the joints are combined with continued breathing. On the other hand, the traditional Static Stretch have a better place at the end of your training sessions, particularly if followed bu PNF techniques (Proprioception Neuromuscular Facilitation). In future articles, we'll describe prime dynamic stretches according to specific movements (i.e. squats), fascia release and muscular activation techniques according to individual needs. Feel free to request info according to your case. This is a complimentary service for current and future QTX clients.


• Good for anyone, regarding lifestyle, age or fitness level
• Ideal if: you spend many hours behind the desk or long flights.
• Easy to do: Breaks at the office, in the park, in a plane, etc
• A must if you are developing low-back pain o have poor posture.
• Activates the gluteus optimally for athletic conditioning.
• Did we mention that u really need it if you're seated for too long?
• Unless you're a very mobile athlete, thiese dynamic-stretches are for you!


If the hip flexors are tight you will never know how healthy, strong and sexy your GLUTES can be. Otherwise, well tend to look like a "duck" and cause low-back among other collateral issues.
Below, I wanna share two DYNAMIC HIP STRETCHES to start achieving an optimal hip extension.


In the first 47 seconds of the video, you can see the "WALK & PUSH".

• feet pointing forward in front of knees and hips
• once u do the step forward, squeeze ur bum.
• push hip straight-forward with your hands
• don't arch your back

Then, from 0'50" to 1'50" of the video, you can see the variation "PARK-BENCH EXTENSIONS".

This one not only stretches the hip flexors but , also, stretches actively the hamstrings. Main tips:
• Both heels pushing down when hip flexor stretch takes place
• Press horizontally-forward without arching the back
• Dorsi flex your ankle and use your heel for traction when stretching the hamstrings
• Hips, Knees, ankles and toes remain pointing forward


In the last minute of the video or so, I'm throwing in the Deep Squat stretch, the Dynamic Waiter-bow stretch and, wait for it, my DDD move (short for Daggy-Dad-Dancing move). In other words you can stretch your hip flexors and improve your gluteus activation in less than 3 minutes. The best time to do it is at the beginning of your sessions...


Ah, hold on, the only downside about the DDD move is that it might take you a few years of practice and family's patience :P

Ok, seriously, don't be content with only "like" the video, if you do. Throw me questions, comments and constructive feedback. I'm happy to share it, so I'm happy to discuss it!
Thanks for reading. Will