Meet our Team of Registered Professionals. 

Will Arias, QTX Founder 

Will is a full time Health & Advanced Fitness Professional who has provided mentorship services to peers and tailored thousands of personal training sessions for clients ranging from Medical Practitioners to CEO's, active mums, middle age+ population, models, dancers, athletes and referred patients during the last 25 years. 

The ongoing evolution of QTX - Quality Tailored Exercise -  is based on wisdoms learnt from ongoing continuing education and training experiences. As a result, Will is in a position to humbly substantiate his training beliefs, influenced by world-renowned specialists in Spine Biomechanics and sports Medicine, Physical therapy leaders, Top Strength and Conditioning coaches, holistic and bodywork practitioners, elite athletes and, more importantly, the positive feedback of his clients. 

Graduated in Social Communication and a former footballer, Will currently runs the QTX Performance Training Studio at Goodlife-Armadale. Apart from providing Tailored Personal Training and Mentorship services, he has developed the long awaited launch of his painstaking project in Continuing Education for Health & Fitness Professionals. When not learning, writing or coaching others, Will can be found with his family.



Jodie Arias, Reg. Advance Fitness Professional

After completing a Bachelor of applied Science- Human Movement  in 2001, Jodie Immediately began pursuing her lifelong passion to be a personal trainer.  Not satisfied with just her Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness, she pursues continual education and explores many facets to health and wellbeing.

A Qualified C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach and mother of one, Jodie brings diverse experience to all levels of health to her clients, walking her talk and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle as a priority. A proud achievement has been training her clients right through her pregnancy until the day her baby was born. After that, Jodie regained strength and condition post baby and, currently, she continues to assist her long standing clientele whom have been working with her over 10 years.  

Working from the philosophy that improved Mobility and Strength will enhance her clients enjoyment of everyday life and leisure activities, Jodie's training sessions have three points of focus: technique, variety and education.

Her approach involves challenging her clients stability and balance, helping them to enhance movement patterns and rediscover their best possible posture, while progressively improving their strength. 

Over the past decade further studies and qualifications as a Group Fitness instructor, Boxing , Advanced Muskelo Skeletal Screening and Assessment, Swiss Ball, Bosu, Twist Conditiong Coach, Kettlebells, Suspension Training and FMA Strength Training, among others. 

"Fitness is not about beating yourself up in the gym, its about working through weaknesses, building foundations and progressing strength through various methods. Respecting and nourishing your body to heal and develop to be the best version of you..." 


Ty Kramer, Reg. Exercise Professional

A Professional Dancer with over 25 years experience in Athletic Conditioning, Ty provides Personal Training Services specialised in Weight Management, Functional Strength Training, Mobility & Flexibility and Specific training for "Physique Athletes".

His training methods are the combination of evidence-based systems, ongoing continuing education and keen interest for the latest findings in Strength & Conditioning, which provide him a handy repertoire when it comes to design and provide tailored training programs. 

Ty is committed to providing effective and safe programs for his clients. While every person is different, he ensures progress with every level of fitness. As a result, his training prescriptions always meet the individual requirements of every client so as to achieve optimal results.

An advanced advocate of the QTX philosophy, Ty can be contacted for professional services here.

Sara Kirby,  Contributor

Sara is a Communications Professional who has experience in producing content for TV, radio and print media. Currently studying a graduate certificate in Public Relations, Sara has been coached by Will Arias for the last 7 months and has been applying the QTX methodology, not only during her training sessions but, also, in her everyday solo sessions.  

Sara represents our brand of Performance Training, and she feels more confident and independent, particularly when she is on the gym floor by herself, knowing exactly what she needs to do in order to get her fitness goals on track. A genuine role model, Sara has learnt how to respect structural limits and get the most out of functional movements. As a result, she feels healthier and stronger. Literally, stronger. For instance, these days Sara perform most fundamental movements adding external resistance above of her own bodyweight. Indeed, "there is nothing wrong with becoming strong".

Since started her training journey with Will, Sara has seen a great advancement in the aesthetics of her body in the ways that she set out to achieve with his help. In fact, apart from achieving a great fitness outcome, Sara has become in a QTX ambassador by kindly modelling for training manuals, posters, videos and social media, apart from demonstrating movements during our continuing educations workshops.