We provide Continuing Education Services for Health & Fitness Professionals. 

We Coach how to perform, customise & prescribe exercises correctly, according to physiological, bio-mechanical and neuromuscular requirements of the performer.

We teach how to design more relevant, efficient and safer training programs. Our expertise covers two operative components: Tailored Exercise Prescription and Communication skills for Corrective Cueing. 

We host workshops and educational events for specific audiences (ie, fitness professionals, gym members, corporate health and safety)

Below, our Education Services at a glance:


Our view on Continuing Education

In this section we share out thoughts about the Academic Curriculums of the Certificate III & IV courses, currently provided by Registered Training Organisations in Australia (RTO's). Essentially, our opinion describes some of today's issues, potential solutions and the way that QTX can contribute to strengthen the ongoing development for newcomers and even established health & fitness professionals. The topics include:

  • Thoughts about RTO's
  • The issues
  • The solutions
  • Profile of an ideal provider


Our Pursuit

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Knowledge craves Adaptation
  • Not only for newcomers
  • Between the Class-room & the gym floor
  • Our Target


The QTX Book

The content of the QTX Book serves as a Foundation for all our Education Programs. Its scope focuses in 4 essential components: 

  • Create Foundation - As a Prerequisite before tailoring exercise prescriptions. How to suit Foundation levels & Progressions for each client, depending individual training experience, anthropometric qualities, impingements & clinical history.
  • Core in Action  - Myths & Facts, Scientific Models & Analogies simplified, over 40 exercises-that-matter and modifications according to client's profile.
  • Tailor Made Squats - Preventing issues before starting,  10 styles to squat according to personal needs and performing goals. Clinical Cases.
  • Tailor Made Dead-Lift -  How to perform, assess, customise and prescribe "Lifts-that-matter" correctly. Over 20 assistance and axillary exercises. 


Education Options

We currently offer 7 Continuing Education and mentorship Programs: 

  • QTX Foundation - Workshop
  • Core in Action - Course
  • Tailor made Squats - Course
  • Tailor made Deadlift - Course
  • Personal Mentorship Session
  • Virtual Coaching Session


Upcoming Events

In this section you can express your interest about:

Workshops for QTX clients and Goodlife-Armadale members.

Mentorship Programs for Personal Trianers

Continuing Education courses for Health & Fitness Professionals.