We have decided NOT to publish a PRICE LIST about our professional fees,


Apart from fitness goals, there are other key factors to consider when hiring Personal Training Services. As each case is different (for instance, individual needs, availability and budget), we now cater every prospective client by offering 60 minutes FREE consultation just to tailor your best training option.  

what's the catch?

Here are not hidden marketing strategies. That Free Consultation has been designed to:

  • Listen about your fitness goals, medical history and fitness background (if any).

  • During the same session, we will provide you a physical assessment to identify potential impingements

  • You will get a sneak peek about of premium personal-training methods.

  • You will try, first-hand, our unique facility, tailorable training gear and complimentary details that make even more difference.

  • Additionally, we'll start building a Private Training Profile that explains your fitness needs and eventual recommendations to achieve those personal goals that brought you to us in the first place. In the event that you decide training on a regular basis with us, you would be able to access you Private Training Profile from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Next Step

Until that point, there is nothing to pay and zero commitments. It's that simple!

So, the decision is all up to you:

  • Option 1: Hire us and enjoy the multiple benefits of our Premium professional services and tailored facility. We are unique and affordable.

  • Option 2: Walk away, no questions asked. Compare or shop anywhere else, including traditional Commercial Gyms and PT Studios.



If I were looking for the best provider:

Choosing the right fitness provider can be a decision difficult to make. In fact, I hear many cases where clients regret hiring a fitness provider, feel stuck or it took them ages to finally ‘breakup’ with a Personal Trainer.
Indeed, if you are currently looking for the best professional FOR YOU, book as many sessions as you need to test-drive the proficiency, professionalism and personality of your fitness provider.
A lasting professional relationship with your Personal Trainer/Coach can’t be based solely on learning new training wisdoms or having access to great tailored facilities. As in any relationship, the human component is pivotal.
The presence of absence of “chemistry” can be heavily influenced by many factors like communication kills, relevance of methods used, personal preferences and compatibilities, only to mention a few.
In other words, you wouldn’t pay to spend one or three hours every week with somebody that you don’t like, would you? That also explains the value of our complimentary session: Having the freedom to enjoy the benefits of Premium Tailored Coaching and “clicking’ effortless with your Coach.
Otherwise, there are plenty of traditional options out there to choose from. Truly not as unique as QTX or even better value for money. You got the power. Decide freely. Do it wisely.
— Will Arias, QTX owner

To book your FREE consultation or any other enquiry, please, send us a message in the section below.


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Alternatively, you can also inquire about our existing plans & prices:


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Feel free to design your very own payment-plan according to your schedule, goals and/or budget. We would be happy to discuss it.