We provide Personal Training Services for all ages and fitness levels.

We design training plans that consider potential imbalances or limitations. 

We prescribe exercises according to the individual needs and goals of Clients, Athletes & Referred Clients.


Our Specialties

  • No matter what Age or Fitness Level
  • Commitment from Day One
  • Ongoing support to your fitness goals
  • Therapeutic Approach when needed
  • Carryovers for Daily Life / Occupational health
  • Versatile and Tailored Training Techniques


Our Methodology

  • What make us different
  • Does every client gets the same kind of training?
  • The QTX Approach
  • "Working-out" vs "Training"
  • Some Profile Examples
  • Our Equipment and Training gear

QTX 5 ethical principles.png

5 Ethical Principles

It's not just about pursuing the best possible Tailored Training Service. Here are 5 ethical principles that help us to qualify our proficiency as Advanced Exercise Professionals & determine individual performance of our clients:

  • What you want;
  • What you need;
  • What we've got to work with;
  • What we do to communicate
  • What we know about it.


This is a feature provided by QTX to all the clients, athletes and referred patients who require our Personal Trianing Services on a regular basis.

Each User gets a password to gain access to a Private Profile, a handy feature when going away and/or maintain in touch between sessions. It includes:

  • Tailored Training Program
  • Clinical History
  • Training Log
  • Images & Training videos 
  • Comments & Feedback

Personal Training Prices

We've designed several options that might suit most individual training requirements. However, we are flexible. So, feel free to design and propose your own payment plan according to your availability and budget.