"The prime pursuit of the QTX Book is helping as many adults as possible to rediscover the innate ability to move properly, gain endurance, becoming stronger and, ultimately, adapting to new benchmarks of physical condition, regardless age, gender, body proportions or physiological impingements" 

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Foundation First - Intro

Before putting your hands on the barbell, learn: How to implement communication & coaching cues. How to generate Client Care, Safety and Retention.  

It includes:

  • Safety First
  • Mind Preparation - The Ritual
  • How to coach efficiently
  • Glossary - Over 100 essential Terms and Concept that any coach or personal trainer should know before intervening with a client.
  • Includes over 100 images and illustrations.

All the contents of our Education Plans -including Training Manuals, Courses, Workshops and Mentorship Programs are based on the QTX-Book.

Core in Action - Learn then Coach

Essentials for Optimal Core Strength and Spine Stability.

It features: 

  • Definitions and Differences 
  • Core Conditioning that matters
  • Myths and facts of Core conditioning 
  • Understanding scientific models & Analogies
  • Understanding Optimal Strength and Spine Dynamic Stability
  • Kinematic scenarios of performances
  • Pelvic Control and Corrective strategies
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  • Also: Tailoring Alignments according to physiological profiles • How and when to prescribe unilateral movements  • Over 40 Core-that-matter exercises for rehab & athletic performance • Understanding unstable surfaces training, unstable loading and accommodation strategies • How to address anthropometric disadvantages, bio-mechanical insufficiencies or neuromuscular limitations • Includes Photo Glance Tutorials

The QTX-Book has been written for Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals, Self-thought athletes and inquisitive Fitness enthusiasts.   

Tailor Made Squats 

We all know everyone needs to squat properly. Which styles should teach to our clients? How to perform Low & High Bar Squats, Front, Goblet, Split, Pistols and Box Squats? How to select the best options for each client, athlete and referred patient?  These part of the book illustrates all of the above and provides you with glance tutorials, including Dynamic techniques to enhance neuromuscular adaptation.

  • Resolving dilemmas about Breathing Strategies, Belt wearing and Spine flexion tolerance for performance.
  • 10 valid ways to squat  according to personal needs and goals
  • Understanding unstable loading and accommodation strategies for Squat movement.
  • 20 culprits of "Butt Wink" and other related errors - Troubleshooting
  • Options to release restrictions & enhance ROM
  • Clinical cases 
  • Includes Photo Glance Tutorials

One of the main advantages of the QTX-Book is that you can read each chapter in the order that you prefer, depending your learning priorities. 

TAILOR MADE DEADLIFT - Conventional to Power DL

Never again feel fear to prescribe the DL movement, despite anthropometric disadvantages or impingements. There is more than one way to suits most clients, athletes and/or referred patients. 

The Topics:

  • Why DL? Who is suited for it? What nature says?
  • Preparation: Before getting your hands on the bar
  • Scanning anthropometry disadvantages 
  • Physiological impingements
  • Spinal and Muscular integration to dead-lift 
  • The conventional DL segment by segment
  • Spine, Joints and Muscle actions explained 
  • Tailoring mechanics
  • Coaching Cues and Trobleshooting
  • Mechanic differences between Neutral & Power DL
  • Over 20 Assistance & axially exercises for DL
  • Includes Photo Glance Tutorials
 photo credit: WILL ARIAS

photo credit: WILL ARIAS

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