What makes us different

After more than 25 years of coaching clients in different training environments (from big commercial gyms to boutique private studios), the QTX studio has been designed and geared up to tailor most fitness goals and personalities.

Our training principles has been influenced by world-renowned specialists in Spine Biomechanics, Physical therapy leaders, Top Strength and Conditioning coaches, holistic and bodywork practitioners, elite athletes and, more importantly, our clients' feedback.

As a result, Our facility is versatile enough to host diverse training purposes under the same roof: from Pilates to Powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, suspension techniques, kettlebells, specific sports, weight loss and rehabilitation scenarios.


MYZONE® enabled facility

As part of our attention-to-detail philosophy, we have brought to the QTX Studio arguably the best Cardiac tracking system available in the market for the fitness industry: MYZONE®

More than a typical "wrist step tracker" or "heart rate monitor", the MYZONE system can display your cardiac performance -simultaneously and LIVE- on our Big Screen, your Smartphone and wrist monitor. Even better, even if you go for a ride outdoors o fly overseas, you can still enjoy this complimentary service from your smartphone and wrist monitor.

So, no matter where you are, you can view your workouts live, track your food and check your training records. As a backup, we can send your results via email. 


Other complimentary details that matter 

If Premium Service matters to you, please, read below:

The Personal Training/Coaching sessions at QTX are based on evidence-based methods, proven field experience, academic qualifications to communicate and, most importantly, proficiency to tailor fitness programs while pursuing healthy outcomes.

Ok, but what else make us so unique? Our private training facility and our line of complimentary details. 

So, from day one, see below what set us apart from traditional gym floors and personal training studios:

  • 100% tailorable training gear.
  • Immediate access to clean and well maintained equipment. 
  • Monitoring system able to measure, record & display clients' performance in real time, inside or outside QTX Studio (see MYZONE® poster attached).
  • Complimentary details such as BPA-free water, freshly brewed organic coffee, green tea, storage locker and even -if you forget yours- spare gym clothes & brand new workout-towel.
  • Customisable room-temperature, lighting intensity and preferred background music. Our clients do NOT have to deal with uncomfortable commercial tv/radio breaks, loud speakers, sweaty equipment or noisy gym goers. 
  • Your QTX professional will never tell you, "lets try something else instead" because nobody else will be using the gear or physical space that you need to use (as part of your training program). Why should you? Your time and money invested required a matching structured plan that shouldn't  be affected by third parties. That means that you get done what you need to get done at the end of each session. 

A word about our Punctuality Policy:

At QTX we understand that providing a premium service also means showing respect for our clients' time. In the rare event that we our running behind schedule 5 or more minutes, that training session will be free of charge.


Does your current fitness facility offers you enough complimentary services? Let us know what you think. We provide premium services at surprisingly competitive prices for most budgets, goals and schedules. Click here to get information about training options.  


Opposite to what happens in most gym floors, at the QTX Training Studio you don't have to adjust to the training environment. We tailor it for you!