See what some of our dear clients are saying about their QTX training tailored experiences.

Hi Will, Hello from Florence. Just letting you know that I got through the Tour Transalp without any knee injuries.
The ride included ascents of the Stelvio and Mortiloro (famous Giro de Italia passes), with almost 4.000m of climbing on the day...
Thanks for the help fixing my knee problem & strength building, in general.
— Jeff Balchin, Economic Consultant (Photo above)
Will has been ‘maintaining’ my body for 12 years when I first came to him with severe lower back trauma. He took a very focused approach, strengthening my core, eliminating the pain and enabling flexibility.
In the last two years arthritic pain in my thoracic area was impacting my life style and again with his skills, knowledge of the body and designing a very specific tailored programme, and dedication to solving the problem via attention to detail, he again has me in good shape.
On top of his personal training skills, Will has a delightful personality , making training with him an activity I look forward to twice a week.
— Tony Lewis, Honorary Advisor at Royal Australasian College of Surgeons / Finance Director Fight Cancer Foundation
Tony's performance training sessions include tailored strategies for his theraputic needs, carryover movements to assist his daily lifestyle and drills transferable into his sport of choice, golf

Tony's performance training sessions include tailored strategies for his theraputic needs, carryover movements to assist his daily lifestyle and drills transferable into his sport of choice, golf

Will Arias is a unique, results driven and dedicated personal trainer who thrives on seeing his clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Creative yet scientific in his approach, Will tailors all training sessions based on the needs and physical ability of his clients. Passionate for success, Will always ensures to push the boundaries based on a persons ability, this in itself is what sets him apart from other trainers.

I personally sought out Will’s services after noticing his style and technique whilst training other clients at the gym. I would go as far as saying ‘transformational results’ was the stimulus to recruiting Will as my trainer. Having considered myself a relatively fit and able person with pre-existing sports injuries, Will was able to combine a rehabilitation program whilst still enabling continued fitness growth.

Evidence based in every exercise he prescribes, long term results is a certainty with Will. Whether your ambition is weight loss, strength and conditioning, training for purpose or any other fitness need, Will has the expertise and knowledge to deliver success.
— Tonina Morgan, National Group Sales Manager L'Oreal Australia
Training with Will Arias certainly is an eye opener to fitness and health. He constantly looks outside the square and makes each session enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.
Will endorses great core strength and natural body movements to improve your posture, athleticism and general wellbeing. You are energised with the various training techniques and there are plenty of belly laughs in between the vigorous work.
Push your limits and sign up with Will today. You won’t regret it !
— Jason Wall, Partner at Stannards, Accountants and Advisors
"Measuring the quality of your performance training is simple: Review how much impact it has in your everyday life, particularly when doing those things that you love the most. I found that balance since Will became my coach in 2006"

- Andy Myer, Businessman

I have been training with William for over 10 years and can say with confidence that he is a true professional.
— .Graham Williams, Telecommunnications Expert and Entrepreneur
Thank you again for the fantastic training over the past months. I have really appreciated your expertise , professionalism and encouragement...
— Jan Bokor, Goodlife-Armadale Member
21. JAN Poster copy.jpg
I have been training with Will for over 10 years and would never consider going elsewhere for my fitness needs. Will is extremely professional in his approach, and initially took a lot of trouble to understand my specific needs in great detail and designed a program to suit.
Throughout the years, my needs have changed, and Will is always ready with a program that is spot on for my particular focus. He pays considerable attention to ensuring that I am doing every exercise just right, and will push me to my limits in a safe and patient way, injecting humour when needed to get me to my goals.
Where I have had injuries over the years, Will has tailored specific exercises to speed my rehabilitation. He is like a physio, trainer, and fitness teacher all wrapped into one person.
As my children have grown through their teenaged years, Will has also helped them - he is very versatile in his approach, and incredibly knowledgable.
Will creates a safe, fun environment to train, and I know I can push myself under his guidance without any fear of damage. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
— Deb Kwasnicki, Partner at Sheldon Harris & Director, National Board The Hunger Project Australia
Will has been a key person in shaping my healthy lifestyle (now I must admit, a pretty fit 63 year old) ... In fact I ran my first marathon in the running shoes he went out and bought me as a birthday gift!
Specifically, he is an enjoyable company and gently persistently motivating ...during each exercise he is intensely engaged ; both to achieve an outcome and, for me especially careful with technique and avoidance of undue strain ; I hate the “downtime” of injuries !!
Will is very very cautiously blending and changing my routines as a little age catches up with me ..or when I’m back from extended overseas trips etc
In fact for such trips, Will has often given me very detailed, really excellent routines to do ..for example on cruises with his photos of me doing each exercise. He does fantastic floor Pilates ..the best I have experienced (and I’ve been doing Pilates for 20 hours years with many clinics, holiday resorts etc).

Finally Will has been so valuable with lifestyle advice.. food to vitamins and life ..

I can’t recommend him highly enough. He is the best person in his field of endeavor !
— Robert Kirby, Co CEO and Chairman Village Roadshow
Will is professional, very knowledgeable, and most importantly makes training fun. The thing that sets him apart from other trainers is that he really takes extra effort to ensure you do each exercise correctly, and educates you about which muscles you need to be using to avoid any future injuries and to get the body you want. I have been training with him since December 2014 and I keep seeing positive results keep after week; I’m also feeling stronger and much more confident in the gym. Will is passionate about what he does and really thrives off seeing his clients succeed and reach their goals, which motivates you to work for them even more. Training with him has been so beneficial to my fitness, strength, and enthusiasm towards working out. I wholeheartedly recommend Will as a PT :)
— Sara Kirby, 26, Communications Specialist
I have been training with Will for the past seven years. He is constantly modifying my sessions, keeping them really challenging, interesting and placing a strong emphasis on what my current goals are, whether it be skiing, golf or weight loss. Will is very knowledgable (and) constantly looking for new exercise techniques. I have enjoyed my sessions with Will and appreciate the benefits to my core, strength and flexibility.
— Paul Ivany, CEO of Australian Diamond Trading Corporation
I spent about an hour and a half with Will and he completely transformed my technique in relation to both Deadlifts and Squats. I went from weak jerking inefficient lifting to powerful technical lifting in just two short sessions. I would highly recommend Will to anyone looking to improve their training technique and fitness. I cannot thank Will enough.
— Mark Silberer, 28, Goodlife Member
It’s clear from the way you instructed me you have a wealth of training experience!...
...I found all your explanations very clear and concise. Taking photos and showing me what to modify was a great help too.
— Lucas Levin, 21, Goodlife Member