Rather than training muscles or counting reps, the essence of Specific Sport ‪#‎Conditioning‬ relies on the capacity to enforce motion patterns that, eventually, should be processed by the ‪#‎neuromuscular‬ system as "natural movements". Golf is not an exception. In this case, Paul kindly shows us the importance of sufficient ‪#‎hip‬ extension to deliver the ball instead of using ‪#‎thoracic‬ rotation alone, an action that preserves the coveted "cylindrical-vertical" twist of the spine while adding more power and precision to the shot. Before increasing external loading, the quality and consistency of the action should be ensured = hitting the same spot. Going further, as the spine remain vertical, the bio-mechanical becomes not only optimal but also safer as the ‪#‎moment‬ created between the hip (‪#‎fulcrum‬) and the resistance (‪#‎leverarm‬) remains short or closer to a vertical line between the shoulders and the centre of mass (‪#‎com‬). questions or feedback are most welcome :) ‪#‎qtx_training‬ ‪#‎golf‬ ‪#‎comments‬ ‪#‎functionaltraining‬ ‪#‎rotation‬ ‪#‎cable‬